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For certain Support Packages, such as Monitoring, Exasol will need VPN Access to the cluster to provide these services. 


To complete these steps, you will need access to AWS and have the permissions to do these actions

How to create a VPN between AWS and Exasol Support

Step 1: Create Virtual Private Gateway

  • Go to the Amazon VPC dashboard
  • In VPN Connections group, click Virtual Private Gateways
  • Click Create virtual private gateway
  • Type your preferred name (for example, test-vpn)
  • ASN: Amazon default ASN
  • Click create Virtual Private Gateway

Attach your VPC to your virtual private gateway:

  • Select virtual private gateway and from the actions menu click "Attach to VPC". Select VPC that you want to attach. You can attach your VPC only to one virtual private gateway.

Step 2: Create Customer Gateway

In the VPN Connections group, click Customer Gateways

  • Click Create Customer Gateway
  • Type your preferred name
  • Select static routing
  • Select the IP address of your gateway. Exasol gateway IP: and click create customer gateway

Step 3: Create a VPN Connection

  • In VPN Connections group, click VPN Connections
    Click Create VPN Connection
  • Type your preferred name
  • Select Virtual Private Gateway which was created in step 1
  • Select Customer Gateway which was created in step 2
  • Select static routing and type IP range of company (Exasol range e.g. : and click Create VPN connection
  • Select VPN connection and click Download Configuration.
  • Select "Generic" and click Download. Provide configuration to the responsible person for the VPN in the company

Step 4: Check Routing Table of your VPC (or subnet)

  • Allow traffic from new IP range which was added via VPN. In routing table, one needs to enable route propagation for virtual private gateway

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