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Users may report that they are not able to install Exasol ODBC drivers on Windows. They get an error while trying to create an ODBC data source that EXAODBCConfig.dll is missing. Although if the user copy the path from the error message, the file exists.


Usually, when there is such an ODBC installation issue, you would see an error message such as:

The setup routines for the EXASolution Driver ODBC driver could not be loaded due to system error code 126: 
The specified module could not be found. ((C:\Program Files\Exasol\EXASolution-x\ODBC\EXAODBCConfig.dll)

On German Windows System:

Die Setup-Routinen für den EXASolution Driver ODBC-Treiber konnten nicht geladen werden. Systemfehlercode 126: 
Das angegebene Modul wurde nicht gefunden. (C:\Program Files\Exasol\EXASolution-x\ODBC\EXAODBCConfig.dll)

The module(C:\Program Files\Exasol\EXASolution-x\ODBC\EXAODBCConfig.dll)is available:



The issue lies in the VC++ 2019 Redistributable which is embedded in the Exasol ODBC x64 driver installer. In short, the embedded VC++ Redistributable DOES NOT get installed successfully by the Exasol ODBC driver installer.


Download Manually and install the VC++ Redistributable from Microsoft website directly, and then Exasol ODBC 7.0.x/ 7.1.x works.

The Visual Studio redistributables for 32 and 64 bit can be downloaded from here: https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/topic/aktuelle-unterst%C3%BCtzte-downloads-f%C3%BCr-visual-c-264...

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