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What do Exasol Xperts do?

Inspire. Innovate. Engage.

The Xperts have proven themselves to be real Exasol ambassadors.

In their role as Exasol evangelists, they will spread knowledge and the key learnings they’ve gained working with Exasol in different ways. Xperts will be used to support the continuous growth of the Exasol Community. They will showcase how other users and companies can improve their businesses by using Exasol.

Meet the Xperts

Exasol Xperts are professionals – passionate about the future of data. They are considered as essential references in the world of analytics. In their constant search for innovation, they are an integral part of the development process of Exasol solutions, and contribute to higher engagement within the Exasol Community. Our Xperts share their knowledge with other peers within the community and help us to improve our products every day.

Karl is a certified database administrator and has worked at the ARZ Allgemeines Rechenzentrum for over 20 years, ensuring that data can be analyzed and processed efficiently. Karl is the driving force behind the integration between DBeaver and Exasol.

Karl Griesser


Mark is a leader in business intelligence solutions with expertise in data modeling, SQL, Python, and tools as Tableau. Mark was named a Tableau Zen Master for 5 consecutive years. Currently, Mark serves as the Executive Director of Business Intelligence for Piedmont Healthcare.

Mark Jackson

Piedmont Healthcare

Peter Kioko joined Grant Street Group in 1999 and for 15 years was Lead Software Developer for numerous Grant Street products. Since 2015, Peter helped kick off Grant Street’s Data Analytics initiative with Exasol and is currently the Data Analytics Technology Lead.

Peter Kioko

Grant Street

Codrin Kruijne
Codrin works as Lead Data Science Engineering at Transfer Solutions, a Dutch IT Systems Integrator for SME and small corporates, where he helps shape the Data & Analytics services and solutions for clients. He explores new technologies, engages with clients on challenges and ambitions, organises and performs Proof-of-Concept projects and aids in implementation with talented colleagues. He endeavours to create optimal value for organisations and their stakeholders.

Codrin Kruijne

Transfer Solutions

Vitaly is an independend data engineer. He loves to discover previously undocumented features in the Exasol software and to help other customers in demanding technical challenges. He is the creator of PyEXASOL, an open source Python driver.

Vitaly Markov


Przemyslaw Miskiewicz is head of data warehouse engineering at internetstores, a company behind the popular German bicycle e-commerce fahrrad.de. Przemek specializes in building and scaling dwh systems. In the past he has worked on Vector and Percona Cluster databases. Since 2016 he switched to enterprise infrastructure with Exasol. He is a passionate technologist with experiences in web analytics solutions.

Przemek Miskiewicz


Dr. Thomas Petrik is head of technology consulting at Sphinx IT Consulting. He has a long lasting experience not only in databases especially with Oracle and Exasol, but also in end-to-end HA architectures and conception of security architectures.

Thomas Petrik

Sphinx IT

Cesar Picco
Cesar is a Sr Engineer who works to automate the boring data work for the engineers at T-Mobile. Enabling engineers to do more great engineering and spend less time data wrestling. Cesar introduced Exasol to the department to speed up many of the tools as well as Business Intelligence projects the team relies on. While not cramming multiple terabytes of data into Exasol, Cesar is also a Tableau Social Ambassador so you can typically find him on Twitter chatting about all things data.

Cesar Picco


Michael Schaefer
Michael Schäfer is Head of Data Science and AI at Stahl-Holding-Saar. In that role, he is responsible for the identification, implementation and integration of Data Science/AI projects in a heterogeneous infrastructure. During his professional career he had the chance to gain career experience in a variety of departments. He started as a software developer, progressed through system architect in the open source and Linux environment, up to software architect for intelligent planning systems.

Michael Schäfer


Malte is responsible for working with the technology stack at Hannover Rück SE, consisting of Oracle, Informatica, MicroStrategy and Exasol. Prior to his work at Hannover Rück, he spent 5 years at SV Informatik as a developer for Oracle and Informatica environments.

Malte Wellbrock

Hannover Rück SE

How do I become an Xpert?



Be a part of the Exasol’s customers and partners program for at least one year.



Be an Exasol guru and therefore, maintain a high level of knowledge about Exasol.



Be willing to share knowledge and best practices with the broader Exasol Community.



Act as community leaders and show high engagement within the Exasol Community Portal.