Weekly Welcome - CW 51

Community Manager
Community Manager

Dear Community, 

As it’s almost the holiday season, we will be pausing the weekly welcome until the New Year. 

Before we do that, we want to send out the last welcome this year. Give our newcomers an extraordinarily warm welcome.


Welcome to @bartosz_sz@lhast@michal_maciorow@bbielawska@troneand@uppalmee@binuvarghese@elhamshirkouhi


Please introduce yourself and let us know why you have joined the Exasol community?


Welcome again to the Community and have a wonderful holiday season!

Your Community Team



Hi folks,
after dealing with data warehouse for more than 20 years now this is the first time I have to wotk on Exasol. So I am a rookie! 🙂
Hopefully I will find a lot of answers here if I get in trouble.....
Have a wonderful xmas time and a good start in 2022!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Alex, 

That's great to hear! Check out our beloved Exacademy. All courses are free, for example, the essentials course: https://exacademy.exasol.com/courses/course-v1:Exasol+ESSENTIALS+X/about

Of course, we are also keen to hear from you in the discussion forum if you have questions or something you want to share with the community. 😉


Have a good start in 2022 as well!