Weekly Welcome - CW 47

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Hi everybody, 

Another week flew by. It is introduction time again!  Let’s give them a warm welcome so they know where to start in the Community, give feedback or ask questions, and you long-time “residents” can get to know them better. 

Please welcome @TurinTech@nmsabc@seitz@RobertSchneller@pbreidenich@Tom@jh@wunderdata@SusanneK@mmenze@mizotac@benjamin@maslova@smolkuva@Harry_Riascos !


As usual, please introduce yourself, tell us a little about yourself (and your setup?), and let us know: 

Why did you join the Exasol community? 


Welcome again to the Community.
Your Community Team



Hi everybody! I am preparing my "Exasol Essentials Certification exam. And i will be happy for yours recommendations and tips. 😊

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Community Manager

Hey @Harry_Riascos

That’s great that you are preparing for the exam. @exa-Uwe would be the best person to get a bit of advice from as he is a member of our Education team. Over to you Uwe! 😉


Hi Harry,

Good to hear you want to do the exam! The best preparation is to work through the Exacademy course and actually do the hands-on labs there to get a good understanding. The quizzes in between are quite similar to the multiple choice questions you'll face during the exam. Mind that we do not restrict you during the exam from looking into the fine documentation docs.exasol.com and from testing things directly on your sandbox.

With that, you should have a pretty decent chance to pass the exam: Good luck &

Best regards


Hi Everyone, and greetings from Vienna (AT) and Timisoara (RO).

I do run a small business and consult for different companies in the banking and insurance space.

I am always in the lookout for daily business improvements and innovation.

From LinkedIn, I landed on an Exasol workshop, and I am getting a small private project migrated to a community edition.

This will probably help me also move ahead with my certificated, while also getting the feel of Exasol.

I will drop a note here when I feel I have the need for an advice or point of view. 

Happy data managing and processing to you all 

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Community Manager

Hi @nmsabc,

Great to have you here. It's awesome to see another user getting ready for the certification in our Exacademy.

Yeah, just leave a post in our discussion forum. It doesn't matter if beginner or advanced, every type of question is welcome!


Hello everyone,

I'm Stefan, CTO @ wunderdata.com, and we're using Exasol since the very first days of our company and also helped enabling a lot of other companies to do the same. While trying to be an independent consultant I gotta admit ... well... everyone has his favorite toy 😁
I love working with Exasol, because when it comes to crunching huge amounts of data, or applying complex scientific algorithms on data , it's simply the solution to almost every problem out there.
Yet still, details can be tricky from time to time, so I'd like to contribute by sharing our years of Xperience in the field here 😉

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Community Manager

Thanks for the share... as we say in some areas in Germany: "Nachtijall ick hör dir trapsen..." I will write down the offer...

Connecting Customers, Partners, Prospects and Exasolians is my passion. Apart from that I cycle, listen to music, and try to understand what all those technical discussions really mean...