Weekly Welcome - CW 44

Community Manager
Community Manager

Dear community, 

It is time for another weekly welcome of our new members.

A warm welcome to @exadude@areto_npa_daiml@msnopczy@amarapally  @kirant@AH@shey@ohtanaki@juliennix@shaoyi, @anantapatil@Azrael42, @michaelb84, @Klaus_Strahl@snoopix, @hasnain2587@choice1848@simonmaspero!

Please introduce yourself and let us know something about you.

I also have a question for you this week: Why did you register in the community? Was it to get the MyExasolAccess, out of curiosity or because you want to connect with other Exasol users? 

Let us know in the comments! 


Welcome again to the Exasol Community.
Your Community Team



Hi @exa-MathiasHo

I have been working on exasol for the last 5 years, I would like to upskill myself on this powerhouse technology.

And the reason for joining here is to learn from other community members. 

Thanks for having us.




Hi everyone,

Thanks for the warm welcome - I joined the Exasol community both because I think it is a great product and because I am working for a customer who uses it.

I am a data warehouse/data lake/business intelligence consultant since over 20 years now, and Exasol is one of the possible data choices when dealing with large data volumes and the need for rapid processing...

Lets have some fun 🙂

BR Klaus

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @amarapally

That's awesome! You should definitely check out our Knowledge Base or have a look at our upcoming English user groups where we also connect Exasol users with each other, not only through text.


@Klaus_Strahl Good to have someone with such an experience in the community! If you have settled in maybe you are interested in talking on a user group? No pressure though.