Servus from jz (public health) to all!


this is jz - working for the best public health insurance in Germany.

What I do on my job:

  • define and develop part of the data stack
  • develop data models
  • manage data projects

What I am looking for in the community is exchange with like-minded others regarding following topics:

  • Exasol features and their use-cases
  • Open-Source Exasol Github repo and their use-cases
  • complementing Exasol with other stuff


to be more precise - I am looking for exchange regarding:

  • data anonymization
  • exporting data from Exasol in Avro format (other formats as well)
  • using Debezium (Open Source Change Data Capture Tool on Kafka) in combination with Exasol
  • Query data from Exasol using Apache Superset
  • how to prevent Exasol's Mixed Read Write Transaction Conflicts a priori
  • Python test frameworks such as pytest, great expectations in combination with Exasol
  • Exporting large data volumes from Exasol to MS SQL Server fast
  • data lineage (we have a prototype in R-Shiny) which only works for nested views and tables having foreign key constraints - it does not span lineage across lua/python/r scripts
  • experience with code-only open source orchestration and scheduling tools (Apache airflow,, mara etl, and/or dbt + scheduler)

Community Manager
Community Manager

Good Morning, sounds like a busy list. To never miss any updates on our product or on our more important GitHub Releases, you can also subscribe to our Product News Page: Looking forward to see many comments and questions. exa-Chris

Connecting Customers, Partners, Prospects and Exasolians is my passion. Apart from that I cycle, listen to music, and try to understand what all those technical discussions really mean...


Hi Jz,

have you looked into There is data lineage included and I wrote a dbt-exasol adapter ( - currently we need a patch for dbt in order to have it working because of Exasols Keywords being used by dbt - but I could send you the patch file in case you want to give it a shot.


Regards, Torsten