Servus Exasol Community - Mathias Brink aka exa-Matze

Team Exasol
Team Exasol

A warm welcome to the Exasol Community!


In my role as a Customer Success Manager @ Exasol I am happy to share best-practices, assist you in designing your analytic environment and connect you to people that have successfully implemented a project similar to your project.

I'm with Exasol for almost 10 years now. Started in our Research & Development department and transitioned into a Training Coordinator later to educate > 900 happy Exasol users in > 100 training sessions.

External to work I love watching and playing Soccer (supporting Eintracht Frankfurt) whilst travelling around the world to find interesting places to relax.

This picture shows me (front) with 3 other Exasolians 😀



Looking forward engaging with you!