My Name's Rachel. I'm a Dataholic


Yup, that's me - I'm addicted to data. Organized data. Well behaved data. Fast data. 😎

Stumbled across Exasol whilst looking for possibilities to replace the engine currently powering our DW (Sql Server 2019) and found it after running away fast from Snowflake (not got anything against the 'flake, other than it's cloud only and right now we're still very much on-prem).

Fired up a VM on my MacBook and threw some of the data currently on the DW and was gobsmacked at how much faster my lil' VM was with Exasol than Sql Server was on a 16 Core 384GB RAM Windows Server. 😮

So now I'm working on a multi-phase PoC with the good folks at Exasol (shout out to Marisa, John T & Seyid) with a potential view of moving forward in the new year.

Glad to be here - hopefully I'll be sticking around for the long haul.😀



Exasol Alumni

Welcome Rachel! We are so happy that you found us! 💖  Yup, Snow can be very flake(y) and you can do so much better with Exasol 😄   

Awesome to hear you are doing POC with us at the moment. Note that we are global (all over Europe and US) so reach out anytime. 

Love to hear more what you do with Exasol's speed engine.  



Jie @exasol