Hi! Marwan from Dubai


Hi everyone, my name is Marwan and I am a regional sales manager in Jurigo. We find cutting edge products like Exasol and introduce them to our markets. We work in MEA and CIS.

I am learning about Exasol now. I can confidently say the Exasol team is great and supportive and I think the product is quite powerful. 

If you ever visit Dubai as it is open now, drop me a line, It'll be a pleasure to have a coffee with you 🙂





Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the community Marwan, happy to have you around. Dubai is perfect, when its cold in Europe and warm in UAE...

Connecting Customers, Partners, Prospects and Exasolians is my passion. Apart from that I cycle, listen to music, and try to understand what all those technical discussions really mean...