Hello, World! - Mark Jackson


Hey everyone - I'm Mark Jackson. I currently run the data program at Piedmont Healthcare in Atlanta, GA (USA) and I've been in that role since 2012. Previously I was in charge of business development and project management for Piedmont's Heart Institute and a consultant with KPMG prior to that. I'm a graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Management Information Systems. I have a passion for data management and using visualization to drive value from data assets. External to work I love gaming with my kids and bombing hills on my longboard. 

I'm grateful to be named an Exasol Xpert among a very talented group of people in the Exasol community. I'm also humbled to have been named a Tableau Zen Master for 5 years. 

Looking forward to engaging with everyone here!


Exasol Alumni

Hi Mark, 

It's fantastic to have you here! It's a bummer we can't get together in Berlin this year but I'm hoping we can make up for that next year and share lots of stories.