Hello Community


Hi Community,

I would like to introduce myselfe since my working colleges @Charlie and  @daniel forced me to follow their example 😛

I'm Sascha, croatian guy living in Austria - @tnovosel don't worry your aren't the only one from croatia here 🙂

In the past I've worked together with @Charlie on DB2 Mainframe, DB2 LUW, MariaDB and various data related tools (Datastage, SAP BI, ...).
Took a break from databases (system architecture, solution managment) - but found my way back to @Charlie , @daniel@ThomasMair  where we are now takeing care of our Exasol Infrastructure for our financial customers.

Im looking forward to get in touch with you. See you on the next Exasol Xperience.

Since i saw the nice desk view from @DavoRego, i cloudn't resised to post ours to 🙂





Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you for joining the community and sharing your story. There are indeed quite a few croatians around.
P.S. Looks like a very cold summer in Innsbruck to me...

Connecting Customers, Partners, Prospects and Exasolians is my passion. Apart from that I cycle, listen to music, and try to understand what all those technical discussions really mean...

Team Exasol
Team Exasol

What a nice view! Looking forward being there again soon!