Hello and Introduction

Hello everyone,

My name is Peter, I'm a data engineer and have been using Exasol since 2016 having previously had experience of a number of different databases. I gained my doctorate from Manchester University in 2008, and I currently work in the utilities sector in the United Kingdom. I develop my company's information quality management platform, serving a range of internal departments.  I'm particularly interested in data management and data architecture topics, as well as advanced analytics and coding. Outside work I also use Exasol for my own research projects, 

I'm looking forward to engaging with the Exasol community.


Team Exasol
Team Exasol

Hi Peter,

Great to have you around! And cool to hear about the different tasks you're involved in. What sort of research projects do you run 'outside of work'?




Hi Eva,

Nice to hear from you.  The research I do outside work is something a little different;  it's a continuation of my PhD research, which was in music composition, particularly in the relation between music and speech, and language cognition.  A part of this involves translating music notation into data for analysis, which is where the community edition Exasol comes in.  Unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment to get this research to a publication standard, but using Exasol has been a great help, even with just a single node, so maybe one day when I have a little more time perhaps... 


Team Exasol
Team Exasol

wow, that sounds fascinating! I once saw a visualization of music data and it really made me scratch my head about the connection between the two.

When the 'one day' comes and you get the time to publish your work, let me know 🙂


Hi Peter,

really glad to hear I´m not the only one who runs EXA-clusters in their spare time 🙂