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Is there a straight-forward way for end-users to verify an exasol server certificate over 8563?Using a web-browser, we can validate ExaSolution on 443 easily.Is a certificate uploaded to Exasolution also propagated to the nodes for ODBC/JDBC connecti...
Has anyone been successful connecting Alteryx 2020.1 (or later) to Exasol 7.1? My associate is getting an "unable to create socket" exception even though ODBC Driver Manager connects successfully.
Has anyone succeeded with the new 2.02 airflow exposed by MWAA on AWS?Kateryna posted a generous cookbook which worked on the last version.
Is awsS3PartSize a global database parameter? Where is it set? Docs are unclear.
On many machines, Nvme drives are not mounted by default before the OS installs. They must be partitioned after install... ie. they are not managed by on-board RAID. This would pose a chicken-egg problem as Exasol does not provide root access to the ...
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