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I wonder if now that Exasol has a SaaS offering, any thought has been given to performing, and publishing the results of, a TPC-DS benchmark? It would help with discussions regarding such things as Snowflake vs. Exasol, Synapse vs. Exasol, etc.
One of the things that immediately impressed me about Exasol all those years ago was the late tuple materialization. I am pondering whether the effect of the "NVL" function is greatly reduced when evaluating compressed, columnar data. I.e., is the ev...
The answer to the question "In what table do you find the current values for CPU, HDD_READ, HDD_WRITE, NET has multiple correct answers. I think that providing any of them (such as EXA_DBA_PROFILE_RUNNING) should count as correct.
I"ve first became aware of Exasol about the same time I became aware of Data Vault. I spoke with Dan Linstedt about his methodology in 2010. I also began following Exasol at that time, thanks to Curt Monash's website / blog "DBMS2". I have been readi...
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