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Hi, Does Exasol considers IDLE session as active session? If no , at what point should we worried about number of IDLE sessions?Regards,Sreekanth   
Hi, I want to generate a graph with X axis as time in a day ( at a granularity of second) and y axis as active sessions at that moment. Can you please tell me which table data I can use to do that? Regards,Sreekanth
Hi, I was trying this section one change , I was running an import statement in sql file.test.sql file code:- IMPORT INTO COUNTRY FROM LOCAL CSV FILE '/home/vagrant/air...
Hi , When we see a table size has shrunk, is there a way to identify it happend due to table reorganize that got triggered as 25 % threshold has crossed? Also in the memory object size is the 25% deleted records are taken into consideration? Thanks, ...
Hi , I have logged into Exasol Community edition 7.0 from DB visulaizer Pro Evaluation edition. In Roles Sections I see this error message and any new roles created does not appear under the tree dropdown. I am not sure if its a bug but please let me...
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