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Hi,For a POC, if I as an individual (not representing any organization) would like to try Exasol SaaS offering on AWS, what could be the best method and what precautions need to be taken to make sure cost is not high. Regards,Skarangi
Hi, In the nightly batch runs with multiple jobs running and perform different operations on database, when a delete process runs on a massively huge table and that reaches a 25% limit causing reorganize, I see performance impacts to current operatio...
Hi, Does Exasol considers IDLE session as active session? If no , at what point should we worried about number of IDLE sessions? Regards,Sreekanth    
Hi, I want to generate a graph with X axis as time in a day ( at a granularity of second) and y axis as active sessions at that moment. Can you please tell me which table data I can use to do that? Regards,Sreekanth
Hi, I was trying this section With one change , I was running an import statement in sql file. test.sql file code:- IMPORT INTO COUNTRY FROM LOCAL CSV FILE '/home/vagrant/a...
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