Q: What are the prerequisites (in terms of knowledge and background) to benefit from Exacademy courses?

A: We expect techies as an audience who work with Exasol, typically as developers, data scientists, administrators and consultants. You should have a certain affinity towards database technology. Some basic SQL skills are also expected. Apart from that, no existing Exasol knowledge is required.

Q: What are the technical requirements regarding my local environment?

A: Our courses contain videos that you can display pretty much anywhere - on your smartphone e.g. But they have also hands-on practices that require a SQL Client and access to an Exasol database. Means you need a workstation to really get the whole learning experience.

Q: Is there a certain recommended order in which I should take the courses?

A: We recommend you take the two courses from the common track first, starting with Exasol Essentials. Mind that the Professional certificates require you to be Exasol Certified Associate - the certification for which the Exasol Essentials course prepares.

Q: Why is installing the Exasol Community Edition on my local machine recommended?

A: This means you have your personal Exasol sandbox to try things for yourself. Very helpful not only during our courses but also later during your professional life if you deal with Exasol regularly. Especially useful for the courses from the admin track, because these require a system dedicated to you only.

Q: When should I apply for a public demo account?

A: Our public demo system is an alternative if you cannot install the Community Edition on your machine but still want to do hands-on labs. Mind that our public demo environment is not an option for the courses from the admin track, because these require a dedicated system.

Q: What SQL Client can I use for the hands-on labs?

A: You can use any SQL Client you like that is supported with Exasol. We recommend to use DbVisualizer because the demos have been recorded and the hands-on labs have been tested with that client. Should you encounter any client-specific issues with another client, it's difficult for Exasol staff to help you with that.

Q: My code doesn't get validated as correct although it solves the given task - why is that?

A: Some of the hands-on labs ask you to write code that is then parsed by our platform for validation. This parsing is not perfect. It may not validate your code even though it solves the task. Please apply some common sense and check if you have really fulfilled the task as required and run some basic test cases as well. If your code turns out to be absolutely fine: Bear with us! You found a solution that we didn't expect that way, apparently. That's of course fine. We still think these kind of labs are better than having only multiple choice quizzes, even if we may sometimes fail to validate your correct code.

Q: What kind of questions can I expect from the certification exam?

A: Unlike the courses, the certification exams contain multiple-choice questions only. There's no hands-on labs or writing code requested. Working through the courses should be the perfect preparation for the certification exams, though.