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Exasol 7 New Features is now available as a free self-paced online learning course: https://exacademy.exasol.com/courses/course-v1:Exasol+7NEW+X/about

It explores the new features both of 7.0 and 7.1 and is recommended for anyone who is familiar with Exasol 6 already. There's no separation for Administrators and Developers especially, which is why the new course is positioned in the common track of our curriculum.

Those of you who hold an Exasol 6 Professional certification - either Exasol 6 Certified Professional Developer or Exasol 6 Certified Professional Administrator - can upgrade their certification to Exasol 7 Certified Professional and download the new badge for it. As with our other free online learning courses, we grant one free certification exam if you complete enough of the hands-on exercises in the course to qualify.

If you hold both Exasol 6 Professional certifications (lucky you!), there's only this one upgrade exam required to upgrade both.

You're just keen to know what's new in Exasol 7 but you don't hold an Exasol 6 Professional certificate? That's of course also fine: Just enroll to the free course and explore the new features of Exasol 7! It doesn't make sense for you to do the upgrade exam in this case, though, because there's nothing you could upgrade.

The regular Exasol Certified Professional exams will lead to Exasol 7 Certified Professional Administrator respectively Exasol 7 Certified Professional Developer from now on. The requirement to hold an Exasol Certified Associate prior to becoming Exasol 7 Certified Professional remains unchanged.