Welcome to Exasol Training


Our goal is simple: For you to get the most out of Exasol!

Exasol is easy to work with and no extensive training is required. Our short and to-the-point courses will get you started and are designed to ensure you get the best out of a great product. We deliver courses in two different formats:

Course Delivery Formats

Exacademy (Online Learning) 

Team Training (Instructor-led)


This is our primary delivery format: Free online training with videos, quizzes and hands-on practices. Our online courses:

  • are free of charge
  • are completely self-paced (do it whenever you want, no deadlines, no expire time)
  • could be completed within one day per course
  • contain videos, quizzes and hands-on practices
  • offer charged certification as an option

The content of these free courses is the same as with the instructor-led courses. Certification is optional and comes with a charge of 150 Euro per attempt. One free certification exam is granted per course if you complete most of the course's hands-on exercises.

Instructor-led team trainings are a more traditional training environment and can be conducted at customer locations or via web conferences remotely. The content of the instructor-led courses is the same as with our free online courses. They have a fixed duration of one day per course.

Instructor-led training is charged - usually, your account manager will negotiate pricing. Certification is included with team training.





You can register for our free online courses here: https://exacademy.exasol.com You may contact us at training@exasol.com about any team training.

Watch this short clip (4:13 minutes) to see what Exacademy looks like and how to register: 



Learning path with three tracks

Our learning path has three tracks: Common, Developer, and Administrator. It starts with the Common track that has content relevant for anyone who uses Exasol in a technical role. After the common track, the learning path splits into the Developer track and the Administrator track. At the end of each course, you can take a certification exam and receive a certificate afterward.



Track details

  Common Track Developer Track Administrator Track
Suitable for: anyone who uses Exasol in a technical role database developers and data scientists admins in charge of an Exasol database
Covers topics like:
  • Introduction to Exasol
  • Database Design
  • Performance Management
  • Profiling
  • Lua fundamentals
  • Preprocessor Scripts
  • BucketFS
  • UDF Scripts
  • Exasol Cluster Architecture
  • Installing Exasol on premise
  • Installing Exasol on AWS
  • Scalability in AWS
Includes the following courses:



1. Exasol Essentials (prerequisite for all other courses)

2. Exasol Performance Management



1. Exasol Database Development

2. Exasol Advanced Analytics

3. Exasol Virtual Schemas


1. Exasol Administration Essentials 

2. Exasol Administration on-premises 

3. Exasol Administration on AWS

  1. Exasol Certified Associate (ECA)
  2. Exasol Certified Performance Expert
  1. Exasol Certified Professional Developer (ECA required)
  2. Exasol Certified Expert for Advanced Analytics
  3. Exasol Certified Expert for Virtual Schemas
  1. Exasol Certified Professional Administrator (ECA required)
  2. Exasol Certified Expert for on premises deployment
  3. Exasol Certified Expert for AWS deployment


It is highly recommended to complete the Common Track before proceeding with the other tracks. 


Our certification exams

  • are charged per attempt
  • can be accessed via Exacademy (also for Instructor-led courses)
  • can be done online as multiple-choice tests
  • are optional
  • payment directly or by certification voucher
  • 150 Euro list price per attempt
  • One free attempt per course. For more information - view here

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