Exasol 7.0 has been released

As you have heard we just released the latest iteration of Exasol. Version 7.0 brings a large number of improvements in all parts of the Software.
Areas of improvement are especially Data Vault support, Performance (yes, we get even faster!) and GPU support (Data Scientists - that one's for you!).

New Features Training & Certification

We plan to have an Exasol 7 New Features course and a dedicated Certification exam to upgrade your Exasol 6 Certified Professional (ECP) certificates to ECP 7.

Both will be added to our training & certification curriculum after 7.1 has been released this year. That way, there's only one course and one certification exam for you to go through, covering all Exasol 7 new features.

Training Videos for the new features

We know that you are curious what our latest release can offer you. To quench your thirst we created some instructional videos that cover some of the new Exasol 7.0 New Features: What can you do with Exasol 7.0 and how does that work?

These will then be part of the upcoming Exasol 7 New Features course later:

Hashtype & Hash Functions

They are especially useful for Data Vault implementations: They deliver even better performance for the combination Data Vault & Exasol!

Optimizer Preview

The Optimizer has been rewritten and improved in 7.0.

This feature allows to activate the new optimizer to see the effect.

Consumer Groups & Temp DB RAM limits

We introduce consumer groups, replacing the formerly used priority groups.

They help to mitigate issues with certain sessions consuming too much Temp DB RAM.

Native JSON Functions

JSON functions can now be used natively within SQL statements without the need for UDFs.


In case you are looking for more information and if you are interested in other features, please leave your comment and questions below this article. We're happy to hear from you 😀