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You may download and use the badge on this page according to the terms listed below

if you

passed the current online exam “Exasol Certified Expert for Azure deployment”


Upon passing the online certification exam respectively upon fulfilling the certification requirements, Exasol grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal right to use this badge on your resume, business cards, marketing collateral, letterhead and website solely in connection with your provision of services in relation to the Exasol technology for which you have a current, valid Certificate.

By downloading this badge, you agree not to use the badge in any manner that would diminish, tarnish or otherwise damage Exasol’s image or reputation, or the goodwill associated with the badge. You agree not to file any application to register any trademark, service mark, or domain name for the badge or any other mark confusingly similar to the badge, and not to use Exasol trademarks or potentially confusing variation of Exasol trademarks as part of your company name, product or service names, or domain names.

By downloading this badge, you agree that the badge is owned solely and exclusively by Exasol. You will not register or attempt to register the badge (or any mark confusingly similar thereto), or claim any interest in, contest the use of, or otherwise adversely affect the validity of the badge anywhere in the world. You agree not to interfere with or bring any kind of action or legal or administrative proceeding in relation to the rights and title of Exasol in or to the badge or any other Exasol trademarks or badges.