Welcome & how to use the Training Forum


Welcome to the Training Forum!

This is the place for all your questions and comments about our online learning courses.

The formerly used discussion forums inside the Exacademy courses have been discontinued with the idea that this place gives your contributions better visibility.

See training.exasol.com for our training & certification programme.

This is how it works:

  1. You are enrolled to one of our online learning courses
  2. You have a course-specific question or comment
  3. Post it here together with the course label from the right
  4. Mention exactly where in the course your question or comment refers to
  5. Feel free to answer any existing question or comment
  6. Exasol staff will answer open questions respectively confirm external answer validity


Thank you in advance for your contributions and participation!



Uwe Hesse

Exasol Training Coordinator