Set Wipe Flag

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1 :When we set wipe flag for a particular node on Node Cluster in Exa Operation ,is the data deleted when we click on execute or is it deleted after node is rebooted?

2: What will happen when we set the Install Flag for "Running Active" node ? Will it be re-installed immediately  or will it be re-installed in next reboot ?

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Hi Khem Raj,

you know what the good thing is about having your own Exasol sandbox? You can answer yourself all these "what if" questions by just doing it  😀

The two actions are not done immediately but when the node is rebooted.

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Hi Uwe,


I have already set up sandbox environment and playing around it .  Loving it  a lot 


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Khem Raj

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Khemraj,
The team is off for the holidays. There might not be an immediate answer.
Have a few nice days.
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No worry. thanks for your update Chris