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Community Manager
Community Manager

To ensure smooth communication between you and Exasol via our Online Support Portal, we need you to assign specific persons to the service roles described here:

MyExasol User Manager

This role manages your organization-wide access rights to our Online Support Portal.
During the on-boarding process, the MyExasol User Manager receives a company PIN and can forward it to all the users, who should be granted access to
the support dashboard.
As MyExasol User Manager, you will be informed each time that somebody registers by using your company PIN. You have the
possibility to confirm the registration or to reject it. Of course, the MyExasol User Manager can revoke the access rights at any time.

Decision Maker

The "Decision Maker" decides on all system changes with a permanent system impact, such as the installation of new releases or the restoration of a database backup.

Incident Manager

The Incident Manager is the single point of contact for all communications related to Incident Support. The Incident Manager may also authorize emergency changes for the purpose of incident resolution.