Community Manager
Community Manager

When you create a ticket, you should select a priority based on the following criteria:


  • Critical (Blocker) - Impairment of business-critical processes, e.g. processes with high priority and a fixed time frame cannot be processed in due time. There is no possibility to avoid the Error; proper operation is generally not possible. Important note: If you have to create a CRITICAL or MAJOR ticket outside GERMAN (CET/CEST time) business hours you must additionally call our support hotline.
  • Major - Impairment of important functions, e.g. processes with high priority can only be processed with extensive workaround solutions; work with the Software is significantly limited.
  • Normal - Single functions of minor importance are not available or important functions are available by working around the problems; the Error affects only a function or module that the Customer does not need or use continuously and/or essentially. Furthermore, the system functionality is not affected or at least not substantially limited.
  • Minor - An Error occurs, which does not have severe effects. Miscellaneous disturbances/ feature requests to the product with low priority.