The above following steps will change your email address for your profile.  However, your login name will remain the same, which is usually the email address you registered with...

How to change my email address in the Exasol User Portal / Ticket System?

Step 1

Log into our portal using your current credentials (https://www.exasol.com/support/login.jsp or https://www.exasol.com/portal/login.action)

Step 2

If necessary, switch to the Issue Tracker view through the top-left menu icon:



  1. Clicking your profile picture/avatar on the top-left and selecting Profile from the drop-down menu:

Step 3

In the Details section, click the pencil icon to edit your profile details:


Step 4

The Edit Profile screen is displayed where you can edit your display name, email address, and password.
For enhanced security, Jira requires you to confirm your password when changes are made to your profile.

Step 5

Click Update to save the changes.