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Community Manager
Community Manager


As a customer i want to create, track and follow up on any issues reported to Exasol Support.


After you got enrolled as a customer (following the Exasol guided on-boarding process) you can decide who from your organization shall be declared as an eligible support contact points.

Exasol differentiates between certain Support Roles and qualified contacts. 

Support Roles

Include the following Roles:

  • Decision Maker - Who are authorized to place orders with Exasol or to book servcies, e.g. update to the current version, restore a backup, etc
  • Incident Manager - Who should inform Exasol in the event of an incident and who can assist Exasol in the processing of incidents
  • MyExasol User Manager - who can approve access to Support for other users in your company. This role is described further here
  • Version Information Recipient - gets notified for new Exasol versions

Qualified Contacts

  • all from your organization who can create tickets and access the ticketing system. These users register for a MyExasol Account and are approved by the MyExasol User Manager

Ticket Workflow

For the qualified contacts in your company, all tickets are visible/accessible in the Ticketing System Dashboard. You can sort on different columns e.g. "Status" (Open, In Progress, Resolved). You can easily write a comment in the ticket, which will have a direct impact on the ticket Status. By doing so, the status will change to "Waiting for Exasol". Exasol Support will get a notification and start working on the answer. Once we start, the ticket Status will change to "Exasol Investigating". After the reply from Exasol Support, the ticket will transit to "Waiting for Customer". This way the SLA (processing time) can be tracked.

For each issues/ticket the following applies:


Based on the booked Package (Incident Management) Exasol will start with the investigation after the received notification (via Email, Ticket, Hotline call). If a service package is booked, than the interactive troubleshooting will start - e.g. Starting a remote screens share session or connecting to the cluster via VPN. The issue is closed when the customers confirms via ticket that the incident can be closed.


In a case of an error, the escalation process will be triggered and the ticket will get forwarded to 3rd Level Support.


Planned activities are called tasks, e.g. upgrading a cluster or running a backup.