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Community Manager

What is Escalation Management?

The escalation management process describes and defines the steps and roles involved in an escalation. The cause of an escalation can be either technical (e.g., database outage, software error) or non-technical (e.g., complaint). 

What roles are involved?

Customer side - Exasol assigns several customer-authorized touch points during the customer onboarding phase and assigns roles to them. The customer role relevant for escalation is the "Incident Manager".

Exasol side - Exasol internally assigns an Escalation Manager (e.g., Service Delivery Manager). This role manages the entire escalation process, pulls in all necessary resources, and handles internal and external communication.

The "Incident Manager" and the "Escalation Manager" work closely together in order to resolve the escalation as quickly as possible.

Progress tracking

Both roles agree on frequency and communication channel for regular meetings to share information and status updates.

The tracking is done within our ticketing system. Required stakeholders are added to the ticket as "participants" to be always up-to-date on the escalation.


After successful resolution of the escalation, we will invite you to a "lesson learned" session to continuously improve our service.