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Exasol can work with a variety of SQL Clients. Many of these clients have Exasol-specific functionality that can enhance your experience using the database. As Exasol also works with a JDBC driver, other SQL clients may also work with Exasol which aren't mentioned in this list. 

Exasol recommends using the following SQL Clients because of their deep integration with Exasol and variety of features: 

  • DBVisualizer - The Pro Version of DBVisualizer contains many Exasol features that can make your life easy, including built-in graphs to help you monitor your database. The free version does not contain all of the features as the Pro Version. You can learn about using DBVisualizer here: Getting Started Guide
  • DBeaver - DBeaver is a free, open-source SQL Client that also contains many Exasol features. The Exasol Connector for DBeaver is maintained by @Charlie. You can learn about using DBeaver here: https://docs.exasol.com/connect_exasol/sql_clients/dbeaver.htm 

Exasol also works on the following SQL Clients:

If you want to see additions to this list, just let us know