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Early Access Program

The Early Access Program is Exasol's beta program, letting you test out preview versions of our software

Our Early Access Program (EAP) is designed to give our customers and partners a preview of upcoming features, and allows you to engage with us in the development process. It also gives us additional opportunties to better understand your needs and requirements, and how these can change over time.

Perks of being in the program:

  • Testing out upcoming features and improvements before they are available
  • Having discussions with developers to understand how some of the features work
  • Providing your input directly to those which are working on the features
  • Influencing the direction of features while they are still being designed

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Xpert Logo

The Xperts are a hand-picked group of people who have proven themselves to be real Exasol ambassadors.

What does it take to be an Xpert?

  • Be a part of the Exasol’s customers and partners program for at least one year.
  • Be an Exasol guru and therefore, maintain a high level of knowledge about Exasol.
  • Be willing to share knowledge and best practices with the broader Exasol Community.
  • Act as community leaders and show high engagement within the Exasol Community Portal.

What do they do?

In their role as Exasol evangelists, they will spread knowledge and the key learnings they’ve gained working with Exasol in different ways. Xperts will be used to support the continuous growth of the Exasol Community. They will showcase how other users and companies can improve their businesses by using Exasol.

Meet the Xperts