Team Exasol
Team Exasol

What's new?

This release introduces the new standard-flavor for Exasol 7.0+. Additionally, it adds new packages to the standard-flavors, such as boto3, pysftp and paramiko and fixes several bugs for the UDFs, the script-language containers and exaslct. Furthermore, we added more details to the error reporting of the UDFs. Error messages now contain error codes and for Java and Python they include untruncated stacktraces and chained exceptions.

However, most importantly, this release greatly simplifies the customization of the script-language containers. Each flavor now provides package lists under the directory flavors/<flavor-name>/flavor_customization/packages. Additional packages entered into these lists get automatically installed when building the flavor. Furthermore, we provide detailed instructions on how to do other kinds of modifications to the container by changing the Dockerfile at flavors/<flavor-name>/flavor_customization/Dockerfile. Please find more information about this, in our Readme.

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This release contains also many small improvements and bug fixes, for more details please refer to the release letter on GitHub.