Team Exasol
Team Exasol

"remotelog" is a Lua module that makes logging from your Lua scripts easy.

In this first release of remotelog, we added all features to have a functional equivalent in Lua to the existing
remote logging for Exasol in Java: logging via TCP socket and fallback to `STDOUT`, log level control, proper
timestamps and so on.


  • Logging to `STDOUT`
  • Logging to remote log receiver via a TCP socket
  • Automatic fallback in case socket connection cannot be established
  • Log level control
  • Configurable timestamp format
  • Optional high-resolution timer (useful for performance measuring)

You can find more details about this module on GitHub, including a user-guide.

Available on LuaRocks

For those of you familiar with the Lua ecosystem, we have good news: this is the first official module we released on LuaRocks.

This means you can install it on your development machine simply by typing:



luarocks install remotelog



Stay tuned for upcoming blog articles on integrating regular modules into your Exasol Lua Scripts!