Team Exasol
Team Exasol

In this very first release 0.1.0  of the  Integration-Test-Docker-Environment, we offer an easy-to-use docker environment for integration tests with Exasol.

How does it work?

The test environment consists of two docker containers with their own docker network which isolates them from the host. The first container is an Exasol Docker-DB container and the second container is the test container which can be used for the test execution. The setup script creates a new environment accordingly to the given options (e.g disk size, DB memory size), creates the Exasol configuration, and waits for Exasol database and BucketFS to be available. Afterward, it runs an initial setup for the database where it uploads the Exasol JDBC Driver and imports some test data.

Currently, the setup script supports Linux and Mac OS X with Intel Processors and various versions of Exasol. We will add support for new versions of Exasol to  the Test Environment. If you need a specific version or have any other questions, please open an issue on Github. Furthermore, we plan to add pipeline templates for various CI/CD Services to give you a head start with this. So stay tuned.