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Exasol Alumni

What is the hamcrest-resultset-matcher for?

In general, it's a tool for writing readable tests for database results. More specifically, the project provides a Hamcrest matcher that compares JDBC result sets (java.sql.ResultSet) against each other or against Java structures.

What's new?

The fuzzy matching allows you to match two results with different types. So in the fuzzy matching mode, the matcher will consider 2 and 2.0 as equal.

This new release added two new features for this fuzzy matching:

  • You can now match string values against numbers (e.g. 2 = "2")
  • You can now match numbers with a certain tolerance. So you can configure the matcher to consider 2.11 and 2.12 as equal. This is very handy if you are comparing floating-point numbers from different databases. These have a conceptual limit in accuracy and because of that small derivations are always possible.

Where can you find it?

You can find the new release on GitHub.