Team Exasol
Team Exasol

About the project

Exasol test containers provides an abstraction to Exasol running on Docker for the purpose of integration testing based on Java Testcontainers.

What's new?

Release 4.0.0 brings compatibility with development versions of Exasol's docker-db. This allows writing integration tests at an earlier stage in the development cycle. For example ETC now accepts docker images with names like exasol/docker-db:7.1-RC or short forms containing suffixes like 7.1-beta.

Users can now download an archive bundle that contains the server logs, configuration and core-dumps. This is especially useful in continuous integration scenarios, as it opens a convenient way of getting all relevant information for a root-cause analysis in one place.

Matrix tests now run with multiple Exasol versions on GitHub.

The release also now contributes to Exasol's central error catalog.

Find out more

For more information check out the Exasol Testcontainers 4.0.0 release on GitHub.