Team Exasol
Team Exasol

About the Project

Exasol Testcontainers provide an abstraction to Exasol running on Docker for the purpose of integration testing based on Java Testcontainers.

You can create a dockerized instance of Exasol with a few Java commands from within the test framework (e.g. JUnit).

Release 3.4.1

Exasol Testcontainers 3.4.1 brings a workaround for a log rotation bug present in Exasol versions up to and including 7.0.5.

Testcontainers monitor the BucketFS log in order to determine when uploaded files are properly synchronized. The log rotation bug kicks in after around 40 minutes, preventing new messages from being written. This bug broke the synchronization check and therefore BucketFS operation.

Exasol Testcontainers now apply a workaround that prevents log rotation for that particular file, so that BucketFS synchronization checks work reliably even in long-running containers. This is especially important if Testcontainers enable withReuse().

For more information check the release 3.4.1 on GitHub.