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Exasol Alumni

About the project

The ElasticSearch Virtual Schema provides an abstraction layer that makes an external ElasticSearch data source accessible from an Exasol database through regular SQL commands. The contents of the external ElasticSearch data source are mapped to virtual tables which look like, and can be queried as, any regular Exasol table.

New release

The SQL_DIALECT property used when executing a CREATE VIRTUAL SCHEMA from the Exasol database is obsolete from this version. Please do not provide this property anymore.

This release also adds support for a few scalar functions.

For more information check out the ElasticSearch Virtual Schema 2.0.0 release on GitHub. 


Now it seems the size is limited to 1000 tables, however to avoid exhaustive typing and errors is it also possible to use a wildcard in the TABLE_FILTER property? (And if not would that be considered for a future release?

Exasol Alumni

Hi @ronaldvr , thanks for the comment.

Currently the limit is 1000 tables per virtual schema. We might also consider at some point in the future implement wildcards for the TABLE_FILTER property.