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Team Exasol
Team Exasol

September 2021 was a busy month in the Ecosystem & Integrations space including many improvements and new integrations, have a look at the highlights below:

Parquet files import performance

The import of parquet files has been improved significantly. Previous versions have imported a single parquet file in a single importer process. This has been improved by virtually splitting files into fixed sized chunks (64 MB by default) that then can be imported in many parallel processes. We highly recommend an update to version 2.0.0

Virtual Schema on Parquet files for S3 based data lakes

Exploring parquet files in your S3 based data lake got a lot easier with our new mapping generator tool.  We have also added support for additional data types (double, boolean, date and timestamp). Get hands on advice with this great tutorial.

Row Level Security
The new Lua based Row Level Security implementation (version 1.0.0) is now feature complete and offers the same functionality as the legacy Java implementation. We recommend the new Lua implementation for productive use cases.

Azure data factory 

You want to leverage the Exasol bulk loader to import data faster using Azure data factory? Our new Azure data factory functions help you exactly with that , see https://community.exasol.com/t5/connect-with-exasol/introducing-azure-data-factory-functions-for-exa... for details.

R exasol connector library

The C++ layer was refactored and we now supports TLS encrpytion for data transfer.

Kafka connector

Added a feature to convert long values to timestamps . Have a look at the details.


These are just some of our highlights. There is always more to discover. Visit our GitHub and let us know, what your highlights were!

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