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Team Exasol
Team Exasol

October 2021 was a busy month in the Ecosystem & Integrations space with a total of 61 releases, including many improvements and new integrations, have a look at the highlights below:

Azure Event Hubs
The Kafka connector now supports Azure Event Hubs.To get started have a look at this tutorial.

Exasol Virtual Schema
Update of JDBC driver which allows TLS encrpyted connections to remote Exasol databases.

Go Exasol Driver
Added support for TLS encrypted connections to Exasol 7.1 and up.

Python 3.7 / 3.8 for UDFs
Python fans will be happy to learn that we now have a new language container with a Python 3.7 minimal flavor. While we were at it, we also added support for Python 3.8. The language container build chain's tests are now also Python 3.

TLS for Exasol Virtual Schema and RLS
We updated Exasol Virtual Schema, and the Row-level Security implementation with full TLS support.

Kafka Connector
The Kafka Connector now supports Azure Event Hub.

Tableau Connector
We have a new variant of the Tableau Connector available that is based on JDBC. With this new connector we are very close to providing Kerberos federation with Tableau server. Stay tuned!

AWS Sagemaker
With our AWS Sagemaker extension we provide a library for training Sagemaker with data from Exasol and a couple of Lua Scripts for remote controlling Sagemaker through Exasol SQL.

Java Tutorial
Last but not least we have a brand new Java Tutorial that explains how to extend Exasol with Java.

Have you missed our previous highlight article? Check out the September highlights here!