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Team Exasol
Team Exasol

November 2021 was a busy month in the Ecosystem & Integrations space with a total of 40 releases, including many improvements and new integrations, have a look at the highlights below:


Amazon Sagemaker extension

The brand new Amazon Sagemaker extension allows you to easily train machine learning models on data stored in Exasol using the Amazon SageMaker Autopilot service.  For ML operationalization the extension generates a prediction UDF for inference.  Learn all the details in the user guide.


Amazon QuickSight connector

Amazon QuickSight is a machine learning-powered business intelligence service built for the cloud.  This integration allows you to directly connect, analyze and report on billions of rows of data stored in Exasol's high-performance engine using a live connection. 



PyEXASOL which was originally developed by Vitaly Markov and loved by our customers for its ease-of-use and performance is now part of the Exasol GitHub repository and an officially supported product. 

Rest API Service 

The new standalone REST API service (Alpha) allows you to send queries and simple DML statements to Exasol 

Microsoft Power Apps connector

This brand new connector allows building low-code applications in Microsoft Power Apps directly against the Exasol database.