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Team Exasol
Team Exasol

In July 2021 the following highlights have been released in the Exasol Ecosystem & Integrations space.

Exasol Go driver

We have released the first version of the official Exasol Go driver, for Details please have a look here Exasol Go SQL Driver 0.1.0Go is a relatively young but very popular programming language and the new Exasol Go driver, which is compatible with the standard Go SQL driver interface and is based on Exasol Websockets, provides an easy-to-use way to build go applications on top of Exasol.

Cloud Storage Extensions

We added support for exporting Hive compatible Parquet schema. We fixed a bug related to delimited identifiers (e.g. column names like "col1" ) and the EXPORT and another bug with missing trailing zeros in decimals using EXPORT. Details can be found here  Cloud Storage Extension 1.3.0.

S3 Virtual Schema

We added support for parquet files so you can directly query parquet files in your S3 based data lake without the need to import them first into Exasol, see Virtual Schema for files on AWS S3 1.1.0 

Kafka connector

Fixed a bug that occurs when Kafka resets offsets while user consuming all records until the latest offset. See Kafka Connector Extension 1.2.1 

These are just some of our highlights. There is always more to discover. To do so, please, visit our GitHub and let us know, what your highlights were!