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Team Exasol
Team Exasol

In August 2021 the following highlights have been released in the Exasol Ecosystem & Integrations space.

Row Level Security LUA

We have just released row-level-security-lua 0.4.2. We have completely refactored the previous implementation from Java to LUA for best possible performance. This release is now compatible with the Exasol 7.1 version.  We have also migrated the admin scripts from the Java variant, the user guide and tutorial. This is the first LUA RLS release that can be used for production purposes.

Exasol Error Catalog

We have built a central repository where we collect error codes of our github projects and provide mitigations. We will keep adding more projects over time.  




Kafka Connector

The Kafka connector now supports SASL authentication, see https://github.com/exasol/kafka-connector-extension/releases/tag/1.3.0   for more details.


Cloud Storage Extension

The EXPORT now returns the number of exported rows, see https://github.com/exasol/cloud-storage-extension/releases/tag/1.3.1  for more details.


Document Virtual schemas

The adapter automatically detects the document type by the file extension. With this improvement you can now specify the file extension, for example, query json line files. See document virtual schema user guide  for further details.


These are just some of our highlights. There is always more to discover. Visit our GitHub and let us know, what your highlights were!