Team Exasol
Team Exasol

About the project

Exasol's BucketFS is a distributed file system that automatically synchronizes files uploaded on one cluster node to all other nodes. It is intended for providing shared configuration, scripts and libraries used in User Defined Functions (UDF) mainly.

This project provides a library that abstracts access to Exasol's BucketFS. This allows BucketFS features to be used programmatically without having to deal with the underlying protocol.

New release

In certain situations, especially on 6.2.x, there was a race condition that made detection of successful reupload to the same path in a bucket unreliable. This has now been fixed. This scenario is realistically only happening in integration tests, but it is likely in these cases.

We've also replaced handwritten dependency list with auto-generated list and linked it in the README.

For more information check out the BucketFS Java (library and API) 2.0.1 release on GitHub.