Community Manager
Community Manager

Exasol's experts will discuss your requirements with you and provide comprehensive consultation regarding cluster sizing, setup, and integration of Exasol into your environment.
During the sizing and planning phase, you need to make decisions that have an impact on the performance and scalability of the Exasol database, and the effect that hardware or network failures will have on the system and your operational activities. You will need to consider the following:


  • Hardware sizing - Establish the total disk space, database backup space, and database RAM that you require for your Exasol database. Based on this information, you can decide on the hardware configuration you need. 
  • Network planning - Understand the network requirements for Exasol and plan the optimal network based on your requirements. 
  • Business continuity planning - Devise a plan to recover operational status and data for an Exasol database in the case of a hardware or network failure.

To get a better idea of what is involved in sizing and planning, refer to the Planning Guide in our documentation portal.