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Community Manager

What is Maintenance?

Maintenance forms the core of Exasol services and is part of all our Support Levels. Essentially, it provides you with support for handling software errors in cases where the software is not functioning as described in the documentation. As part of the maintenance service, you also have access to a personalized support website, our documentation, the latest version of Exasol, as well as other downloads.

Simply raise an issue in our Online Support Portal and we will help to identify your problem (Root Cause Identification), understand the root cause, and try to fix it. Rectification of Software Errors will take place during our maintenance times.

Issues that are not the result of a software error are not covered by Maintenance.

Important note

If you create a ticket with priority CRITICAL outside GERMAN (CET/CEST time) business hours you must additionally call our support hotline.


The Reaction Time calculated as the time difference between Customer issue notification via the Online Support Portal and the acknowledgment by Exasol. Based on the issue priority and the booked Support Level the following applies:

Reaction Time Silver Gold Platinum
Critical 6h
Major 12h* 8h* 4h*
Normal 48h* 24h* 12h*
Minor 120h* 48h* 24h*


* Subject to maintenance times


After receipt of the Qualified Issue we will attempt to reproduce the error. If the error can be reproduced, our support agents will periodically inform you within the Processing Time whether the cause is a software error and will provide an estimated time until a solution or fix is available. Please refer to our Issue Processing Timeline for more information.

Processing Time Silver Gold Platinum
Critical 4h 4h 4h
Major 8h 8h 8h
Normal 24h 24h 24h
Minor 72h 72h 72h


Rectification of software errors covered by maintenance, the Processing Times apply during the contractually agreed maintenance times.