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What is Incident Support 24/7?

The Incident Support 24/7 service is part of our Support Levels "Gold" and "Platinum". If you have booked one of these support levels, Exasol will help you to restore the standard operation of the Exasol cluster as quickly as possible in the event of an incident.

An incident is defined as an issue that causes a deviation from the standard operation of the Exasol cluster, and which causes an interruption or disruption of the service. Examples include: a database instance does not accept connections, a backup cannot be generated, or one or more hardware components are defective. For critical incidents, service times are 24/7, for major, normal, and minor the contractually agreed maintenance times apply.

Important note

If you have to create a ticket with priority CRITICAL outside GERMAN (CET/CEST time) business hours you must additionally call our support hotline.

Incident Processing

If an incident occurs within the agreed service hours, Exasol will initiate all necessary actions to restore the standard operation of the Exasol Cluster as quickly as possible. Bug fixes are not included in Incident Support 24/7 but are covered under maintenance. For more information please refer to our Issue Processing Timeline


The Reaction Time is calculated as the time difference between Customer issue notification via the Online Support Portal and the acknowledgment by Exasol. Based on the issue priority and the booked Support Level the following applies:

Reaction Time Gold Platinum
Critical 4h
Major 8h* 4h*
Normal 24h* 12h*
Minor 48h* 24h*



The Processing Time starts when Exasol receives the Qualified Issue. You will be regularly informed on the progress of the error rectification within defined processing times.

Processing Time Gold Platinum
Critical 4h
Major 8h* 8h*
Normal 24h* 24h*
Minor 72h* 72h*


* Subject to maintenance times