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In this article you will learn how to update a Docker-based Exasol system.


1. Ensure that your Docker container is running with persistent storage. This means that your docker run command should contain a -v statement, like the example below:

$ docker run --detach --network=host --privileged --name <container_name> -v $CONTAINER_EXA:/exa exasol/docker-db:6.2.8-d1 init-sc --node-id <node_id>

2. Log in to your Docker container's BASH environment:

$ docker exec -it <container_name> /bin/bash

 3. Stop the database, storage services and exit the container:

$ dwad_client stop-wait <database_instance>
$ csctrl -d
$ exit

4. Stop the container:

$ docker stop $container_name

5. Rename the existing container. Append with old, so that you know that this is the container which you won't be using anymore

$ docker rename <container_name> <container_name_old>

6. Create a new tag for the older container image:

$ docker tag exasol/docker-db:latest exasol/docker-db:older_image

7. Remove the "latest" tag for the "older_image":

$ docker rmi exasol/docker-db:latest

8. Pull the latest Docker-based Exasol image:

$ docker image pull exasol/docker-db:latest

8.1. Or pull the specific version you want. You can view the available versions and pull one of them with the commands bellow:

$ wget -q https://registry.hub.docker.com/v1/repositories/exasol/docker-db/tags -O - | sed -e 's/[][]//g' -e 's/"//g' -e 's/ //g' | tr '}' '\n' | awk -F: '{print $3}'


$ docker image pull exasol/docker-db:<image_version>

 9. Run the following command to execute the update:

$ docker run --privileged --rm -v $CONTAINER_EXA:/exa -v <all_other_volumes> exasol/docker-db:latest update-sc
$ docker run --privileged --rm -v $CONTAINER_EXA:/exa -v <all_other_volumes> exasol/docker-db:<image_version> update-sc

Output should be similar to this:

Updating EXAConf '/exa/etc/EXAConf' from version '6.1.5' to '6.2.0'
Container has been successfully updated!
- Image ver. : 6.1.5-d1 --> 6.2.0-d1
- DB ver. : 6.1.5 --> 6.2.0
- OS ver. : 6.1.5 --> 6.2.0
- RE ver. : 6.1.5 --> 6.2.0
- EXAConf : 6.1.5 --> 6.2.0

 10. Run the container(s) the same way as you did before. Example:

$ docker run --detach --network=host --privileged --name <container_name> -v $CONTAINER_EXA:/exa exasol/docker-db:latest init-sc --node-id <node_id>

11. You can check the status of your booting container (optional):

$ docker logs <container_name> -f

12. You can remove the old container (optional):

$ docker rm <container_name_old>