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Manage the environment around the database, such as Cloud, Monitoring, Exaoperation and scalability
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How to install SuperDoctor for SuperMicro Server via XML-RPC Step 1 Upload "Plugin.Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2-2018-08-21.pkg" to EXAoperation Login to EXAoperation (User privilege Administrator) Upload pkg Configuration>Software>Versions>Browse>Submit Step 2 Connect to EXAoperation via XML-RPC (this example uses Python) >>> import xmlrpclib, pprint, base64 >>> s = xmlrpclib.ServerProxy("http://user:password@license-server/cluster1") Step 3 Show current plugin version and plugin functions >>> pprint.pprint(s.showPluginList()) ['Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2'] >>> pprint.pprint(s.showPluginFunctions('Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2')) {'ACTIVATE': 'Activate this plugin.', 'DEACTIVATE': 'Deactivate this plugin.', 'GET_SNMP_CONFIG': 'Get snmp conf', 'INSTALL': 'Install this plugin.', 'PUT_SNMP_CONFIG': 'Put snmp conf', 'STATUS': 'Check service status.', 'UNINSTALL': 'Uninstall this plugin.'} Step 4a >>> sts, ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2','n17','INSTALL') >>> ret 'Archive: /usr/opt/EXAplugins/Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2/packages/SD5_5.5.0_build.784_linux.zip\n inflating: /tmp/SuperMicro/ReleaseNote.txt \n inflating: /tmp/SuperMicro/SSM_MIB.zip \n inflating: /tmp/SuperMicro/SuperDoctor5Installer_5.5.0_build.784_linux_x64_20170511162151.bin \n inflating: /tmp/SuperMicro/SuperDoctor5_UserGuide.pdf \n inflating: /tmp/SuperMicro/crc32.txt \n inflating: /tmp/SuperMicro/installer_agent.properties ' Step 4b >>> config = base64.b64encode(open('/path/to/installer_agent.properties').read ()) >>> sts, ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2','n17','INSTALL', config) >>> ret Step 5 >>> sts, ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2','n17','ACTIVATE') >>> ret 'Stopping snmpd: [ OK ]\nStarting snmpd: [ OK ]' Step 6 pass . /opt/Supermicro/SuperDoctor5/libs/native/snmpagent will be removed from  /etc/snmp/snmpd.conf  and SNMPD will be restarted. >>> sts, ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2','n17','DEACTIVATE') >>> ret 'Stopping snmpd: [ OK ]\nStarting snmpd: [ OK ]\nDeactived' Step 7 >>> f = open('/path/to/snmpd.conf','w') >>> f.write(s.callPlugin('Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2','n17', 'GET_SNMP_CONFIG')[1]) >>> f.close() Step 8 >>> upload = base64.b64encode(open('/path/to/snmpd.conf').read ()) >>> sts, ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2', 'n17', 'PUT_SNMP_CONFIG', upload) >>> ret 'Reloading snmpd: [ OK ]' Step 9 >>> sts, ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2','n17','ACTIVATE') >>> ret 'Stopping snmpd: [ OK ]\nStarting snmpd: [ OK ]' Step 10 >>> sts, ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2','n17','STATUS') >>> ret 'snmpd status: snmpd (pid 3711) is running...\nsuperdoctor 5 status: SuperDoctor 5 is running (45943).' Step 11 >>> sts, ret = s.callPlugin('Administration.SuperDoctor-5.5.0-1.0.2','n17','UNINSTALL') >>> ret 'Uninstalled'
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Certified Hardware List
The hardware certified by Exasol can be found in the link below:

Certified Hardware List

If your preferred hardware is not certified, refer to our Certification Process for more information on this process.
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