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WHAT WE'LL LEARN? This article will show you how to change your license file in your Docker Exasol environment. HOW-TO NOTE: $CONTAINER_EXA is a variable set before deploying an Exasol database container with persistent storage. For more information, please check our Github repo. 1. Ensure that your Docker container is running with persistent storage. This means that your docker run command should contain a -v statement, like the example below: $ docker run --detach --network=host --privileged --name <container_name> -v $CONTAINER_EXA:/exa exasol/docker-db:6.1.5-d1 init-sc --node-id <node_id> 2. Copy the new license file to the the $CONTAINER_EXA/etc/ folder: $ cp /home/user/Downloads/new_license.xml $CONTAINER_EXA/etc/new_license.xml 3. Log in to your Docker container's BASH environment: $ docker exec -it <container_name> /bin/bash 4. Go to the /exa/etc folder and rename the old license.xml file: $ cd /exa/etc/ $ mv license.xml license.xml.old 5. Rename the new license file: $ mv new_license.xml license.xml 6. Double-check the contents of the directory, to ensure that the newer file is name license.xml: $ ls -l <other files> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2275 Jul 15 10:13 license.xml.old -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1208 Jul 21 07:38 license.xml <other files> 7. Sync file across all nodes if you are using a multi-node cluster: $ cos_sync_files /exa/etc/license.xml $ cos_sync_files /exa/etc/license.xml.old 8. Stop the Database and Storage services: $ dwad_client stop-wait <database_instance> $ csctrl -d 9. Restart the Container: $ docker restart <container_name> 10. Log in to the container and check if the proper license is installed: $ docker exec -it <container_name> /bin/bash $ awk '/SHLVL/ {for(i=1; i<=6; i++) {getline; print}}' /exa/logs/cored/exainit.log | tail -6 You should get an output similar to this: [2020-07-21 09:43:50] stage0: You have following license limits: [2020-07-21 09:43:50] stage0: >>> Database memory (GiB): 50 Main memory (RAM) usable by databases [2020-07-21 09:43:50] stage0: >>> Database raw size (GiB): unlimited Raw Size of Databases (see Value RAW_OBJECT_SIZE in System Tables) [2020-07-21 09:43:50] stage0: >>> Database mem size (GiB): unlimited Compressed Size of Databases (see Value MEM_OBJECT_SIZE in System Tables) [2020-07-21 09:43:50] stage0: >>> Cluster nodes: unlimited Number of usable cluster nodes [2020-07-21 09:43:50] stage0: >>> Expiration date: unlimited Date of license expiration Check the parameters and see if it corresponds to your requested license parameters.
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Background This article explains how to activate a new license. Scenario: License Upgrade with DB RAM expansion Prerequisites: The valid license file (XML) Short Downtime to stop and start the database EXAoperation User with privilege Level "Master" Explanation Step 1: Upload License file to EXAoperation In EXAoperation navigate to "Software" On the software page, click on the "License" Tab Click on the "Browse" button to open a file upload dialog. Select the new license file and confirm by clicking the "Upload" button Refresh the "License" page and review new license information Step 2: Stop all databases Click on left navigation pane "EXASolution" Select all checkboxes of the listed database instances Click on the "Shutdown" button and wait for all database instances to shut down (Monitoring->Logservice) Step 3: Adjust DB RAM (optional) Click on the DB name Click on "Edit" Adjust "DB RAM (GiB)" according to your license and click "Apply" Step 4: Start all databases Click on left navigation pane "EXASolution" Select all checkboxes of the listed database instances Start all databases and wait for all instances to be up and running (Monitoring->Logservice) Additional References https://docs.exasol.com/administration/on-premise/manage_software/activate_license.htm?Highlight=license
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